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Welcome to The Magnolia Creek MGA

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This event is Saturday September 28th. This is a 3 Man Scramble. It starts at 4pm, we play 9 holes, come in for dinner and then go back out for the night version with Glow Balls and Glow Sticks.  

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End of the Year 3 Man Shamble

 This event is Saturday October 26th. This is a FREE Event. Each player hits his Tee Shot, you pick the best drive and all players play in from there. You count two of the three scores. There will be lunch afterwards which is also FREE.

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Results of the 6/6/6

It was a great event. Cost was only $100.00 and everyone received a Shirt, and Umbrella and Two Meals. 1st place also won $450.00, 2nd $270.00 and 3rd $180.00 in The Pro Shop.

Results are Here

Results of the 3 Club Challenge May 25th

You can choose from any 3 clubs in your bag. Everyone will play the white tees. 100% of Handicap will be used.

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Results of The 1 Man Scramble April 6th

Each person plays two balls. It's a Great Event and only $40.00!

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The Bluegrass Scramble

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We play every Saturday!

Every Saturday morning is a $30.00 Quota Game and is Open to Everyone!

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The Tournament Schedule

Meet Your Board


  • President - Rick Bowles
  • Vice President - Curt McWilliams
  • Board Member - Chris Barden
  • Board Member - Mike Reitz
  • Board Member - Rick McKinney
  • Board Member - Mark Balderas
  • Board Member - Randy Dean
  • Advisor - Mike Robinson
  • Advisor - Mark Rouse

The Mission of the MGA


 The mission of the Men’s Golf Association (MGA) is to conduct golf and golf-related social activities for the benefit, pleasure, education and recreation of all MGA members. MGA membership is open to all male golf members of Magnolia Creek Golf Club who are in good standing and are 18 years of age or older.  

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Magnolia Creek MGA

1501 Bay Area Blvd, League City, TX 77573

(832) 922-1012

Links to our Weekly Games


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These games are not MGA sanctioned events but it's a great way to meet new people and play competitive Golf.







All Holiday Games


We're going out of town.

On occasion we get together and go out of town to play golf. Austin in March, Dallas in April and Vegas in May. Click the link below if you are interested in Austin.  

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Members Selling Stuff

Electric Push Cart


Electric Golf Cart $499.00 Call Curt at 832-922-1012

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Place your Item For Sale Here


Send me an email with photo attached saying what you would like to sell. email

3 Wood Shaft


$140.00 Call Ricky Babineaux at 713-898-3300

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Driver Shaft


$240.00 Driver Shaft

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